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3Shape Dental System reportedly makes high-quality CAD/CAM design and production faster, simpler and more dependable. The new Dental System is said to introduce new treatment workflows and innovative technology that makes scanning even more efficient. 3Shape has enhanced the technician’s user experience through significant improvements to the core design tools, and the software architecture has been strengthened for increased reliability and performance.

3Shape Dental System brings together 3D scanning, CAD modeling, order management and communication tools. Improve treatment by combining all types of patient images such as surface scans, CBCT, face scans, patient photos, intraoral images and more.

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3Shape Dental System Crack

3Shape Dental System Features

A lab’s ability to work with intraoral scans is becoming increasingly crucial for its future. 50% of all dental practices expect to invest in an intraoral scanner within the next 3 years. Dental System, with both TRIOS® integration and 3rd party intraoral scan support is the leading CAD/CAM system for receiving and working with digital impressions.

Fast and robust crown and framework design

Crown and framework design remains the key business for many labs. That is why 3Shape continues to create powerful tools and workflows for increased productivity and high esthetics for all types of restorations – whether you’re designing single crowns or complete reconstructions.

Superior function and fit

Too many technicians spend too much time on adjusting crowns after milling. That’s why all 3Shape scanners now support the unique 3Shape Articulation Position Transfer process. It enables technicians to bring the exact position from the physical articulator into in the software’s virtual articulator, and thereby replicate the actual physical motion and avoid the need for making post-adjustments.

Offer the perfect smile

The ability to create highly esthetic smile designs is a highly attractive and profitable area for labs. 3Shape provides a new powerful solution for fast and easy creation of smile designs in 2D, and the ability to accurately match 2D photos with 3D designs. Enable patients to try out their new smile before final treatment by creating a mockup model and matrix based on the design.

Use RealView to create true predictions and link 2D to 3D

3Shape’s RealView allows technicians to create near photo-realistic visualizations of patient-cases by bringing together the patient’s face and teeth designed in 3D.

Patients can try out their new smile.

  • Let patients judge for themselves and give them the full emotional effect. Easily create a mockup model with the new design so that the patient can try the new design directly in the mouth.

Do more digitally

Dental System’s digital tools and automatic workflows give your lab a competitive edge by making it easy for technicians to provide dentists with the full range of treatment workflows in any material, with superb functionality and high esthetics.

Design implant restorations digitally and grow your business

3Shape Dental System gives technicians the full extent of design options and treatment workflows – from both the major original implant manufacturers as well as compatible with products. Labs depend on high accuracy for their bar and bridge cases – which is why accuracy on all 3Shape scanners is verified and documented according to ISO12836 and specially designed implant objects.

Expand your business with new services

Add 3Shape orthodontics and customized tray solutions to your system and get even more from your Dental System investment. Use your lab scanner with the intuitive workflows to provide a wide range of basic orthodontic products and services. An easy and straightforward way to expand your customer base and create new business.

Bring in more implant restoration cases by offering surgical guides

software makes it easy for labs to produce surgical guides, and optionally offer implant planning. Offering such implant services helps the lab secure the order, including the complete implant restoration which is easily produced by utilizing the planning information in the standard Dental System design workflows.

Do your full dentures digitally

The combination of 3Shape’s latest Denture Design software and new possibilities within manufacturing makes it highly attractive for labs to produce dentures digitally. These CAD/CAM technologies that are now available to labs will increase the profitability of denture production while making the individual technician more efficient.

Designing Removable Partial Dentures starts with virtual teeth

Revolutionary improvements within 3D printing are making digital RPD production more profitable for labs. 3Shape’s Removable Partial Denture Design software lets technicians place virtual teeth that guide them for better framework design while reducing production time by 60-70%. A technician can now design a Removable Partial Denturein less than 15 minutes.

5 reasons to choose 3Shape Dental System

More treatment workflows and better tools

  • The widest range of treatment workflows including special types
  • Powerful tools, intuitive interface and guided workflows
  • Complete order management

A scanner for every need and documented accuracy

  • Complete scanner & software integration
  • Documented lab scanner accuracy according to ISO 12836
  • Quality system compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 820 and ISO 13485

Global customer care

  • Optional service and subscription packages
  • Webinars, training and 100 Support & Training specialists in 13 countries
  • 7 scanner service centers worldwide

Stronger ecosystem

  • 3Shape TRIOS® and integrated solutions
  • 80+ Implant libraries, as well as extensive material & milling center libraries
  • Broad integration with 3rd party mills, 3D printers and IOS

Future proof solutions

  • 3Shape innovation by over 300 developers
  • Long-term sustainability and unlimited software upgrades
  • 80 pending patents

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