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What Is a PokerSeater And Why Do I Need One?

That’s cool, but Need4Seat won’t need half an hour. It spots the sucker in less than a fraction of a second! It will not only spot the fish that fast, it will also automatically sit you next to him. You will always sit in the best seats at the best tables.

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Need4Seat Features


Need4Seat Crack

Competitive Speed : For all the features, Need4Seat wouldn’t be good without the speed, would it?

More Clients : N4S supports more poker clients than any other seating script.

Session Management : Never take your eyes off of the tables you play. Everything is handled in the background.

Custom Layout : Got used to your table looks? No problem, keep using your current layouts.

Strategic Advantage : Make use of several different joining strategies to always and only sit in the best seats.


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