NUUO IP Camera Software v8.0.0 LATEST, License Key

NUUO Main Console Crack include all license, IVS, Video Analytics. It is Full version of NUUO IP Camera Software License.

NUUO IP Camera Software is the best choice when you have existing older analog systems but wants to upgrade to IP cams. It provides seamless integration between older and newer types of cameras. Mainconsole is also flexible. Choose from software + capture card option or software + capture card + certified hybrid machines to ensure optimum performance. The configuration option is limitless.

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NUUO Main Console Crack

NUUO IP Camera Mainconsole Features

NUUO Surveillance Systems makes browsing records smarter and faster through our intelligent search. Save video recompresses the image into ASF/AVI format. Video enhancement tool can be used to sharpen, brighten or even grey scale the images. Varies logs make keeps a record of all the events.

NUUO IP Camera License easy to use multi-channel backup application for archiving audio and video locally or remotely. NUUO backup system can also take snap shots of the recordings and store it in a separate location.

NUUO IP Surveillance System supports 64 channels per monitor and can view up to 128 cameras in dual monitor systems. Remote Live Viewer client can access and display live video from any NUUO Mainconsole family servers simultaneously. NUUO remote live viewer features PTZ control, E-map and I/O panel.

Remote Backup System : Remote Backup application can be used to backup recording and its associated log file remotely from any of the NUUO Mainconsole family servers.

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