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We’ve come a long way from understanding anatomy of emails and carving email headers. Today we more precisely understand 20+ mail formats. And work with thousands of companies around the world and helping them in doing investigations from most of the available emails formats. MailXaminer stands out as the best email forensics tool, sufficing the necessary requirements of email investigations.

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MailXaminer Features

Email eDiscovery : From the task of comprehensive mail viewing to a powerful search mechanism to carve evidences from emails; MailXaminer posses all those factors needed for a tool to be a perfect eDiscovery solution. With this email forensics software; you can scan, view, search, investigate, analyse, smart review and report huge volume of emails in a very less amount of time. The tool perfectly matches your e–Discovery requirements, thus, delivering a potential and well versed e–Discovery platform.

Email Migration : Examine almost 80 + different email formats or applications and migrate them to different formats like concordance, PDF, EML, MSG, PST, CSV and many more with the effective email migration capability of MailXaminer; an email header analyzer tool. We help you examine & migrate almost all web based or desktop email application; of which Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, Office365 is the few names.

Email Investigation : Being a platform independent solution, MailXaminer can be used to thoroughly investigate a huge set of email data ranging from Web based emailing applications to any desktop based email client. We have added the support for almost every format; which an emailing application supports and are commonly used. Added to this, searching feature has been made awesomely powerful yet simple to apply so as to carve the artifacts from the core of Terabytes of email data.

Intelligent Analysis : Whether you need to perform forensic email header analysis or examine its MD5 hash value; this tool fits your every requirement. By putting our years of experience in understanding the anatomy of emails, we have made MailXaminer a complete solution for the forensic examination of emails and generate an authentic report; which can be further produced in front of court of law. Besides viewing emails in HTML or RTF formats and reading email’s property, attachments, body; features like team collaboration, sending file for review, bookmarking or tagging important mails for categorization makes MailXaminer a fully loaded email investigation tool.

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