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TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution, used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot Heterogeneous RAN services. It enables mobile operators and infrastructure suppliers to test quality, from the perspective of subscribers (QoE) and from the perspective of the network (QoS), covering in- vehicle, in-building and pedestrian test scenarios.

Combining speed with simplicity, TEMS Investigation helps you get to market fast with a solution backed by latest technology innovation, while offering unmatched ease of operation. TEMS Investigation is proven to meet emerging needs during pre and post-launch stage of network technology developments. It is a single solution that reduces OPEX by helping to streamline processes and by keeping pace with rapid network evolution.

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Tems Investigation

Tems Investigation Feature

Support For Latest Devices : Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, And More.

Test your network with the latest devices!

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Sony Xperia XZ Premium are Gigabit LTE Cat. 16 ready*. If you want to test the latest LTE enhancements, such as Gigabit LTE and more, TEMS Investigation is essential. It includes support for:

Carrier aggregation
4×4 MIMO

TEMS Investigation allows you to perform high-speed data service testing with the latest and most popular devices using on-device software clients (like Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Skype and Instagram) and control your device behavior (RAT lock, Band lock, Cell lock) to ensure you offer the best network experience and recruit more customers.

Extensive Device Portfolio

  • With more than 300 verified measurement devices from over 30 vendors, TEMS Investigation offers unparalleled flexibility for customized solutions. It supports Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile smartphones, with new devices from all major manufacturers being added continuously.


  • Close cooperation with device and infrastructure vendors enable short lead times when introducing new technologies, chipsets, and devices. Our products support LTE (FDD/TDD), LTE-A, LTE-U, UMTS, WiFi, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA and continues to pave the way for testing of new technologies including VoLTE, VoWiFi, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and, in time, 5G.

Powerful and Efficient Data Collection

  • Strong, intuitive service control, auto device detection, advanced device control, auto file upload, and flexible recording capabilities to manage and automate information gathering and present real-time data. Multiple devices can be connected and run simultaneously, minimizing the time spent collecting RF data, L2/L3 messages, IP information and service-related information.

Exclusive Measurement and Control Capabilities

  • TEMS Investigation incorporates an ever increasing set of unique and advanced control functionality. In addition to control RAT, Band, and Cell, it is possible to control for instance LTE Category, Carrier Aggregation, and Vocoder, all of which are crucial for advanced LTE-A and VoLTE testing.

Service Performance Testing

  • TEMS Investigation can test and verify the performance of current and next generation services. The tests are carried out by using the phone’s own client in combination with advanced algorithms such as POLQA, PEVQ, and PEVQ-S. This ensures a better understanding of the end-user experience and how networks are affected by services like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, etc.

Powerful Script Creation

  • The intuitive flow chart concept for efficient and advanced script creation ensures consistent measurements and have support for the newest technology enhancements in IoT networks (LoRa, LTE NB and LTE M). This opens the door for testing and benchmarking of cost efficient IoT implementations with focus on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life and a large number of connected devices.

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