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Dise 8 Features

DISE Professional is designed for large systems with many players and screens in different locations. It’s perfect for advanced integration with external systems and triggers. DISE Professional is DISE’s most powerful solution and differs from our other packages in that it can only be set up as a self-hosted solution. DISE Professional is suitable for customers who want to own their licenses and display advanced content in venues such as sport arenas, finance, airports or government.

Multiple players

DISE Professional is designed for networked systems with many players and screens in different locations. Communication is done either through a local network or over the Internet. Starting with a simple auto-configured setup, you can add players to your system as your business grows.

Artistic freedom

DISE Composer is your tool for content creation. DISE Composer will present you with a canvas area representing the screen your content is aimed for. The interface itself is similar to many other content creation programs and getting started with your content editing has never been easier.

Multiscreen network

Synchronise an unlimited number of players and screens with different positions and have content moving across the screens seamlessly.

Data from external sources

You can connect DISE Professional to fetch data from a range of sources. These sources can either be dynamic text files that are updated remotely or direct connections with databases. It is also possible to input internet RSS feeds or any type of XML data, which allows you to target industry news on corporate communication TV, meeting room availability, stock exchange rates, weather reports, traffic etc.

Triggered playback

Everything in DISE can be activated through external triggering. From movies to scenes to individual objects. Overlaid, interactive content can be played layered on top of your ordinary content. An example, when a visitor in a museum press a button, the signal can be used to overlay and message over the playing content.

Video walls

This powerful solution is ideal for large displays or video walls displaying content with full HD resolution.

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