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NUUO NVRmini 2 is the lightweight, portable NVR solution with NAS functionality. Setup is simple and easy, with automatic port forwarding settings built in. NVRmini 2 supports POS integration, making this the perfect solution for small retail chain stores. NVRmini 2 also comes full equipped as a NAS, so you can enjoy the full storage benefits like easy hard drive hot-swapping and RAID functions for data protection. Choose NVR and know that your valuable video data is safe, always.

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NUUO NVRmini 2 Features

Recording Server : Recording Server is a NAS-based server which receives the streams from cameras. The main features are listed below.

• Streams and records live video and audio from camera
• Embedded Linux for high stability, more secure against virus attacks
• Supports RAID 0, 1, 5*, 10 for maximum capacity of data protection

Web Viewer : Web Viewer is the client to ask recording data from Recording Server. Remotely, users can connect to the recording server via web viewer (Internet Explorer. Windows Chrome and Mac Safari) to:

• Configure the system
• Monitor live video (up to 64 channels), and duplicate channel display with digital PTZ
• Multiple camera streams to display
• Playback recorded video (up to 16 channels)

Web viewer logs in to the Recording Server via 4 different user groups: administrator, power user, user, and guest. Each user group has its own distinctive privilege in system configuration, live view camera and playback camera.

Remote Live Viewer (Client) : Remote Live Viewer application is used to monitor multiple NUUO servers (NVR, DVR, NDVR and NVRmini 2) simultaneously, featuring PTZ control, E-map and I/O panel. Dual monitor supports up to 128 channels, with 64 channels per monitor.

Remote Playback System (Client) : Remote Playback application can play up to 16 channels of recording from any one of the NUUO servers (NVR, DVR, NDVR and NVRmini 2) simultaneously.

Remote Backup System : Remote Backup application can be used to backup recording video and POS transaction remotely from NVRmini 2.

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